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popular_fans's Journal

Popular Fans
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info: popular_fans is a community for fans of the WB series 'Popular' which lasted 2 season in 99 and 2000. Popular is an offbeat view of highschool life with every highschool stereotype cast in different roles from the beautiful blonde cheerleader, Brooke McQueen to her nemesis and stepsister the unpopular outcast, Sam McPherson. Popular has since developed quite a cult following and has been released on DVD. A TV Movie is possibly in the works. In this community feel free to talk about the show, it's cast and anything else relevent to the subject.

rules: Please follow the few simple rules when posting here.

- please respect all members of the community. Any negative posting or commenting will be deleted.
- no spamming or promoting of off-topic communities.
- keep it clean, no nudity or porn of anykind.
- any large graphics need to be behind a cut and icons of 3 or more need to be cut as well.
- anything else you have a question of please contact me.


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